About - CS Leaderboards

Everything you need to know:

> Who are the authors?

The website is being developed by @aquaismissing and @doruksega.

> Why did you make this?

When Valve published their regional standings on GitHub, we realized it could be challenging for people unfamiliar with GitHub to navigate. Plus, Valve doesn't provide a global version of the standings.

We wanted to make a user-friendly website that combines all regions into one for a “worldwide” ranking.

> Where do you get this information from?

The data for the Esports leaderboard is being fetched from Valve's official GitHub repository for regional standings. We then combine every region into one and display it on the website.

For the Premier leaderboard, we use the following Steam Web API endpoint: ICSGOServers_730/GetLeaderboardEntries. You'll have to figure out the rest yourself.

> Are you associated with Valve?

No, we are not affiliated with Valve in any way. This is a fan-made project by the community, for the community.

> Are you allowed to do this?

Yes! We asked for permission from Valve.

> Something is wrong!

If you encounter any issues, it's most likely due to Valve's data. However, please let us know, so we can investigate and fix if needed.

> There are two or more of the same team!

Yes, we are aware, but that's how Valve generates their regional standings.

> Why are you not showing Rank% like it's done in-game?

We believe that the Rank% statistic is not very informative. The Premier leaderboards display only the top 1000 players for each region and in the world.

Considering how many players participate in Premier mode seasons, it is safe to assume, that the top 1000 players will always be in the 1% of the world.

> It says “XXX out of XXX,XXX displayed”, how can I see the rest?

You can't. Valve only provides data about the top 1000 players.

> Some of the positions in the Premier leaderboards are missing!

Yes, we are aware. This indicates that some players either haven't submitted their nickname for review or their nickname hasn't been reviewed yet.

> Which is the best team in Counter-Strike?

As of 2024-03-04, according to Valve's regional standings the number 1 team in the world is FaZe.

> Who is the best player in Premier mode?

Currently (Season One), the top-ranked player in Premier mode is 白龙王 from the CN region, with a CSR of 31,375.